Let’s Continue Learning Curves

My earlier post is about learning curves. I think I should continue on this conversation.

 For starters, I retired from my nursing position 2 weeks ago. The last couple of months, I have been working on my post retirement gig.  I took several classes towards certifications. More on that later.  I reestablished contact with a mentor I worked with 10 years ago, Connie Ragen Green. I took a class in creating an online business in 2010 (long time ago).  I was able to create a presence on the internet. Circumstances occurred that necessitated that I continue nursing. I was not able to continue that work at that time.

 Now I want to start again. I was able to jump on one of Connie’s classes (thank you!), even though it was midway.  All I can say is, a lot has changed in the last 10 years.

 I had maintained my hosting and domain names. The blogs had gotten rather dusty. As a result of working with Connie again, I have made a number of updates. I have a new business name, a new hosting company,  starting a new website and new blog. Marcus, “Webmaster for Hire” was gracious to work with me again. (Thank you, Marcus!).

 I picked a Divi Elegant theme. I have been watching videos for a number of hours so that I can blog.  I just have to laugh. This exercise is taking a great deal of effort. This frustration can really snag the day in a bad direction. I’m not going to get discourage. I am committed to creating great products/service for my tribe. It is just a long learning curve.  So, I share the journey as I learn and product.

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