You are following me as I am walking a major life transition from working to retired working. Here is a snippet of my journey.

In my younger years, I was an avid photographer. I had a Nikkormat and a couple of lenses. I took hundreds and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of pictures. Have to remember, all of these were using FILM! You had to buy, and develop it for a price. Some pictures not so good, many reasonable and some very good.

Life has its way. I got married, had children, working and all my various hobbies. The camera morphed into a point and shoot and finally the awesome iPhone. As I have walked my path, I have wanted to come back to photography. I am looking forward to what I can do with a new digital camera. It’s coming. It’s a surprise that I will be writing about. It will be a learning curve like most things I am doing in my life as I explore this chapter.

The caveat to a new camera is projects! My husband is a realtor in SW Florida. He has to have photographs and videos of his listed homes and rentals. He has to pay for that service. Guess what, I can help him with photography. While I’m waiting for the new camera, why not play with my iPhone.

Zillow has an app called 360 for virtual tours. It is scripted. You have to do a 360 degree pan of each location. After you add the titles and they make up the video for your listed property. He has a property for rent. The current renters are still there but he needs to advertise. He doesn’t want to bring prospective renters through the home because of Covid 19. I did a Zillow 360 video and he posted on the listing. Many people have thanked him.

Well I have a Mac (everything). I’m doing research and learning. I did a practice home tour video. Learned a lot. Today I did a video of My View. Came out pretty good!

The thing about learning curves is that you have to try, learn, try, learn and try and learn. Basically it is the process of life. With luck, I humbly share “My View 8 18 20”