Let’s continue the conversation on learning curves. I am on a steep learning curve slope as I navigate from working to retired work. I am opening myself up to new ways to be creative and a beneficial presence in the world outside of traditional nursing.

Years ago, I was a student of Connie Ragen Green. Through her class, I was able to create a presence on line that I maintained for a while. Life got really busy and crazy. I migrated more to traditional work and my online stuff fell away.

As I have been approaching retirement, I have been dreaming of what is new for me. As you know, I am studying with Connie again, for which I am grateful.

Back in the day, I was a camera buff. I had a Nikkormat and a couple of lenses. I loved taking pictures, nature, people, abstract etc. I had a pretty good eye for things. I probably took thousands of pictures. That was in the old film cameras. I spent a lot of money on film for sure. As time went on, I migrated away from SLR to a point and shoot with ok results. Then I migrated to the iPhone. I have been dreaming of getting back into a real camera.

I have bought a camera and it is coming. That will be another blog post.

The cavet for the camera is of course, what else can I do with this hobby. As luck would have it, my husband is a realtor and property manager in SW Florida. He hires photographers to photograph listed and rental properties. Well, I can do that! (And I will be able to do it better with a new camera)!

I have been playing around with the virtual tours. Zillow has a 360o app for the iPhone. I did a run with that for a rental property. You can’t use Zillow everywhere. I have been researching iMovie and did a practice tour with positive results. Surprised my husband. I did another iMovie today of my yard. If I do say so myself, it came out well.

As I put this post on my blog, it didn’t take. I had to rewrite it. I learned to write the post on word first and copy paste. 

I have a lot more to learn. When you start something new and it doesn’t go well, one can become depressed. The thing is, to grow, you have to try, fall… try, fail… until you try and succeed. That is why we have learning curves. It is the opportunity to learn, grow and prosper.