I recently retired, like three weeks ago. As my personality is, I’m not letting much moss grow beneath my feet. I am already into a bunch of projects as you can and will see. And all of these projects come with a learning curve. 

One fun project is photography. I was an amateur photographer for many years in my younger days as previously stated in another blog post. In wanting to ignite that passion again, started a search.

Jenni Mahanz, my daughter-in-law is a photographer. She does weddings, birth, children, families and more. She is much more skilled than I was at this time in life. I started asking questions. Since I had a Nikkormat, she suggested I stay with Nikon since I already had familiarity with the system.

I want to be able to do photographs, movies, video blogs and… Who knows! At her suggestion I started looking at Nikon D3400, 3500. These are DSLR (digital single reflex cameras), the digital granddaughter of my film Nikkormat. These cameras can do the tasks I think I want. I’m reading and moving up the scale in price and features. Part of the research landed on the mirrorless cameras. I didn’t know about them. Very intriguing reading. It is the wave of the future.

I spent quite a bit of time reading and reviewing Nikon D7500 and Nikon Z50. My nephew, Sean FitzGibbons, is a videographer. He weighed in on the choices as well. I decided to go for the Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera. It is beyond my capabilities at the moment.

Now the learning curve. I google YouTube videos on how to set up an operate the camera. The menu is vast and everyone I looked at had their own configurations. I realize that I need to brush up on camera and photography basics. Now I research some learning tools, dozens of them. Cole’s Classroom comes up. I did purchase his how to book and joined membership site for ongoing learning and feedback.

One of the pluses was free download of his Lightroom filters. I need an editing program. Frankly the editing program that came with the camera bundle was pretty useless. It was Photo-Video Suite by Corel.com. I could not down load the product. When I called their support, they couldn’t understand what I was asking. The message was forwarded to tech support and I never received a call. My daughter-in-law uses Lightroom and loves it. So, Lightroom it is.

I purchase and download Lightroom. Then follow the directions for the free preset downloads from Cole’s Classroom. In fact, I have two different instructions. We all know there is more than one way to things on the web. Problem, I didn’t have “developer module” in Lightroom. Wait until my Facebook membership is granted. Write a post requesting assistance. A bit later, I receive a message that I needed Lightroom classic.

Now to Lightroom (LR) chat. After some discourse, I was given a link to the downloads. Indeed, there is Lightroom and Lightroom classic. Download classic and have access to the developer module. I still can’t download the free filters. I have them on my computer, but can’t get them into LR. It does occur to me that I might need a picture to work on. But I persist in attempting the downloads. Back to chat with LR and get a confirmation that I do need a photo in process.
This was the trick. Uploaded a photo and able to import the presets. I ended up importing them twice. So, I have double of each one. This took me at least three hours. I will have to follow up on this later.

By the way, I played with editing several photographs. This is going to be fun.

Of course, there is always a lesson. I have taken on many projects to help me build my internet future and platforms for my offerings. Lesson. Things take time. Much more time than you realize. Some folks are very good and guestimating time frames. Not one of my better attributes. So, I am on the adventure and another several learning curves. It is what it is and I am going to enjoy it.

One of my better attributes is coaching. Hopefully as I write and share my process, some of you my readers will resonate. If you are stuck, not sure what your next move is, consider coaching. Coaching is a great life tool. Join my newsletter for interesting updates and message me for a coaching conversation.