Ever start a project and get derailed? Do you clear your spot to try again only to get thwarted? So you take a nice deep breath, make plans to start again and get deflected?

It happens. Timing is everything. Seem so true. While timing is important, it is only part of an equation. Timing in one equation could be the junction between supply and demand. Another way to look at this equation is the sweet spot between coincidence and opportunity. When we hit it right, we sail. When this spot is missed, the project may not work or at the very least be a very rough go.

What do you do when you find yourself in this type of a situation where the timing just isn’t right?

Some folks get angry, some may go into controlling and others just might give up.

Anger takes a great deal of energy and can close many doors. Anger ignites adrenalin and the fight, flight or freeze response. If we stay in anger for any period of time, it can cause physical harm as well as inhibiting our next best move. Anger can also be a calling card that you are upset and that you need to relook at the situation. This is an invitation to step back, reassess and perhaps punt. It can help you realign.

Some folks may utilize a strategy of control. If I get my ducks in a row, then things will work out. One may try all kind of ways to get the ducks to line up, but they don’t. There can be all kinds of reasons why things won’t line up. Internet is down, post office can’t find your address, out of stock, back ordered and so on.

Sometimes folks just give up. Certainly a possibility but of no interest to me at this time.

Getting stymied? Is there another option? Yes, there is. Here again is an invitation to wait and strike the pause button. “Wait”. It might just be time to wait, hold off, or park the idea. If it is to be, there will be a time and opportunity.

I am finding myself in this situation. I have been planning my retirement from nursing and moving into my own practice of healing and coaching. My retirement ended up being very synchronistic. I had an opportunity and it just flowed so smoothly. I was deployed from my regular Care Coordinator position into a case management position working from home. Working from home gave me the opportunity to learn how to set up a working schedule different from being in the office. There was a short passage of time and I stepped out into this new world of opportunities.

I have my list. Restart teaching Healing Touch Classes, perhaps on Zoom. Being able to offer Healing Touch and coaching sessions, probably on line. My husband is a realtor and needs photography for his listings and rentals. I can do that. I used to love photography and have an eye for good shots. Get an online information business up and going with website, blogging, and offers.

The blocks are coming. Issues with how to work the blog, how to create information products, how to create an offer. Sometimes it takes hours of watching YouTube how to video’s. It is paying off, but taking time.

The other very important issue is family. My mother is declining and requiring more and more care. My sister and brother-in-law have been so gracious in their availability. They need more help. I feel the need to be more available. I am not sure how this will work.

Thought: Does it really matter if I start this fall or next spring? Part of me say “yes”. Part of me is saying “wait, not quite time.” Hmmm.

I can do somethings during this pause. Write blogs on my process, creating resilience, energy medicine topics, health, and spiritual wellness. I can learn how to really operate my new camera and Lightroom photo editing. You can see some my photos in this blog!
I can study and learn how to set up Social Covers for myself and others. I can practice my meditations, spiritual practices and the practice presence.

These options give me a more tempered path through these chaotic days. I hope to be centered and grounded and cooperate with the natural forces in life, allowing me to walk in synchronicity to a sweet spot of coincidence and opportunity.

In the book The Power to Navigate Life, by Tony Fahkry, he eludes to timing as the art of allowing: “Rather than becoming attached to your own agenda, that governs the timing of how things should play out in your life; you come from a place of allowing which is seeded in infinite possibilities.”

Follow me, see what happens. 🙂