Quote of the day: “Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” Coco Chanel 1883-1971

What would happen if you knew that you could not fail? You might be saying this can’t be true! The Universe always answers YES, to whatever you are thinking. Maybe time for a reframe

There is a story about a fire engine company that lives out this quote.  In a small town there was this raging fire. Fire fighters where call from all over the area to fight this blaze.  It was an incredibly intense fire. All the companies came only to stop two blocks before the actual fire.  You see, it was too hot, too fierce to fight. The men were talking about how this blaze will take down this building.

As luck would have it, a small fire department from out of town, received word of the fire. The firemen popped in their gear, hopped on the truck and sped off in the direction of the fire. They were hauling tail, or going very fast, so that they could help quell this fire.  As they were approaching the fire, they could see the mammoth blaze. It was a hot from many blocks. As they approached the fire, they notice a number of fire trucks several blocks back. Hmmm, they thought, that’s odd. They sped along. Jammed the brakes to stop just before the fire. All the fire fighters hopped out, hooked the hoses up, ladders out and started fighting the fire like made.

Meanwhile, all the firefighters from the other companies saw this little company blow by them, stopping in front of the fire and start fighting the fire. They all got back in their trucks, zoomed in to help that small company save the building.

The fire fighters from all the local companies, saw the blaze and thought that it would be impossible to fight. It was a losing battle. So, they just didn’t show up, the quit. However, the small fire company, from out of town, didn’t think that way. They were here to fight the fire and they did. The mere act of blowing by the other companies help those fire fighters to reframe the problem. The reframe was from “impossible” to “possible.”

Failure is NOT inevitable!

We all get caught up in “it’s too big, I can’t do this because…” fill in the blank. Sometimes you need a reframe. You need to know that you can do it, someone to walk you through the fear, show you how and walk the path. That is what coaches and mentors do.

If you are getting hung up in life, stuck in a rut, going backwards and you want something different, try coaching. Coaching is a collaborative relationship. Coaches can show you the way, like a business coach. Coaches can help you clear the mental blocks holding you back.  They help us see around our blind spots. The successful folks use coaches.

Your work may have coaching available. Also, churches and volunteer organizations like SCORE have coaches. I’m a spiritual, life coach. Consider a coaching relationship for your success and happiness.

Success is inevitable. To your success!

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