The quote from Insight of the Day: “When I lost my excuses, I found my results.” (Unknown).

 How many of us have a ditty bag of excuses? Come on, raise your hand!

We all are there with one excuse after another. So, how do we change?

 What kind of excuses are in your box? Excuses fall into different categories like age, enough, neighborhood, time, belief, and motivation.

 Age. Well, we are just not the right age to do this. Either too old or too young. We don’t have the right experience, or we have too much experience. So, I’ve been a nurse for 48 years. I could tell myself that I’m too old to start something new. Or I could tell myself that coaching is too hard. It is definitely different than nursing. I will be opening new doors for sure. What about you? Are you stopping your dream because of age? Age is a place in time and space. It has nothing to do with achieving something you desire.

 The “Enoughs” like not smart enough or not educated enough or talented enough or worthy enough. What enough are you not? Frankly, nobody is “enough”. We become enough when we start the journey to our dreams. We become enough when we learn something or get an idea and try it. If it flops, then we need to tweak it. If it flies, we need to move to the next bigger step.  While you may run the “not enoughs” around your mind chatter, consider stopping that self-talk. Get out there and show us how you go for your dreams.

 What about not being from the “right” neighborhood. I’m thinking broader than where you live or grew up.  Include neighborhoods of when you were born. I am a pen pal with a senior who lives in assisted living in another state. She designs and makes her own cards and sells them on-line! Why not!  What about Henry Burner (as 4th grader in 2017). He had a project to bring in something to sell his classmates. He opted against bake goods and created pinback buttons with his mom’s buttonholer. He did well in school. Then he started selling at the local farmer’s market. When that closed, he went ecommerce.  You can see Henry Burner’s site by clicking his name. 

It doesn’t matter where you grow up or where you live. When you get an idea, do it. You can figure it out.

What about time. We never have enough of it (that enough word again). Yet we all have 24 hours per day. Jeff Bezos has 24 hours in a day. Your mom has 24 hours in a day. How are we going to fill those hours. There are things we have to do. We have to sleep, eat, personal care, shop for needs, go to work and/or school. The truth is, we get done what we attend to and set as our priorities. That might take some organization and tweaking here and there. Work on your dream an hour a day. When we lived in Pennsylvania, we had an unfinished basement. My husband decided to finish the basement so that he had a work area, and we had a family room. He divided it up in smaller projects and would work on it for about an hour each evening. That didn’t go unnoticed by me. At the end, we had a very nice basement family room. It is so worth it. What is it you want?  How can you move in the direction of your dream? A little bit, every day.

 Do you have a belief that you can or can’t do something? This is like the glass half full or half empty, both have the same amount of water.  If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. This is a test: the universe always says “yes”.  Maybe your family had failures. Ok. Maybe you’ve had some failures. Ok. What is it that you have learned bringing you closer to your next success? If you are really stuck on negative beliefs, consider therapy. Go after the underlying event and get yourself back. Things like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Tapping Therapies (EFT Emotional Freedom Technique) are valid ways to turn those negative beliefs around. Life is too short to end up with regrets. Be the change.

 How is your motivation? We get an idea and things come up. I remember helping my brothers on the paper route. It snows, or rains, or customer won’t pay, or papers don’t come. There are all kinds of conditions that will pop up. That is just life. Think about what you can do if you (fill in the blank) work your paper route.  You have a situation, and you get to figure out what to do or how to handle it. You can ask for support. That is the growth. What happens when you are too tired or too hot or too cold etc.  If you want this goal or dream, figure it out. It may mean that you need to take time off and sleep or recover from illness. Offer that compassion to yourself. When you are ready, get back on the train, moving towards your goals. I have the propensity of doing too many things. I have so many ideas and they all sound so good. Sometimes I do too much. Then I sit back and regroup and restart. The ticket is the “restarting.” That is ok. My good friend, James Thurston wrote a short and sweet motivation book call The Grab Method. Just do it. Keep on keeping on.

 I just know that at the end of the day, when I stop my excuses, I have a better path to reaching my dreams and goals. I encourage you to drop your excuses and reach for you dream.



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