This quote from Insight of the Day caught my attention: “Old ways won’t open new doors.”  Unknown.

Ya, know, 2020 has been an unprecedented year.  I don’t think we could have dreamed up the various scenarios that played out this year. For some folks, this was probably the worst year in their lives. For others, it was an awkward year, but they did ok.

Life will give us respite from time to time.  These respites can be in the form of a weekend off, a snow day (remember those… yeah!),  a canceled job/project, getting laid off, illness in self or family, and more. This type of respite gives us time off from regular routines and time to think. What has happened for you that allowed surprise time off?

We try to balance all the aspects of life. As life goes, many things can disrupt any semblance of balance. It is our job to create balance. If we are really good, we will have balance even in chaos.  The goal is not “do away with chaos”, it is balance, no matter what is happening.

We all have moments of chaos. Some of these times of chaos are short, just moments, and other times over many days/months as with the pandemic. When one integrates the chaotic event, they actually reorganize at a higher level. Meaning they have a larger capacity to handle chaos.

There are times when there is so much chaos that we move into overwhelm. One can’t think well, partakes in actions that are not of the highest choice and emotions are all over the place.  Examples include, but not limited to, death of spouse or someone close, loss of a job, serious diagnosis or a catastrophic event like hurricane-fire-earthquake. The overwhelm is intense.

As you recover from one of these events, you will probably make different decisions in life. You will find that surprising doors may open because of the experienced event.  I’ve had patients tell me that while diagnosis “x” was horrible, they learned so much and “wouldn’t change a thing.” That is a true statement from many patients over the years.

I think that 2020 is a major reset for the world.  The Covid 19 pandemic has stopped the world. Countries have handled the pandemic is a variety of ways. There is no judgement here on how the pandemic has been handled. We’re having all these experiments and we will see which ones worked better than others.

That said, this year, we all have been given space to think and reassess our lives. At this time, nothing looks like it did in December 2019 as we blissfully skated into 2020. I think that parts of life have been irrevocably changed.

For example, the face of work has changed. More folks will be working from home. When people buy houses, they will be looking for the “home office.”  Health care will change. Much of health care is definitely an in-person experience. At this time, it is impossible to have your labs done if you don’t go to the lab. If you are having knee surgery, you will have to show up to the surgery center and staff will have to be there. But tele-med visits (talking to your health care provider from home computer) are here to stay for many visit types.

On the personal level, we are connecting to family and friends via platforms such as Zoom and Skype. In my family, we have been having a family “get togethers” via Zoom. We are spread out between Maine and Florida. Not as good as in person, of course, but better than a sharp stick in the eye (as my husband would say). This will continue in the future as an option for connecting with friends and family.

We did a collective pivot in 2020. We could not do life as usual because of the virus. But life has to go on. We need to work to buy groceries and pay the rent. We need connection with each other. Collectively we came up with new and creative solutions to do life.

One thing I’m doing differently is having a pen pal.  Remember having a pen pal in youth. I had a pen pal when I was ten. She lived in Fort Lauderdale and I lived in Syracuse. We never met but wrote for a while, which I enjoyed. I have an acquaintance whose parents are in senior housing in another state. They were very effected by the lockdowns. My friend ask if some people would write them. I volunteered. I sent them a note. Then I thought, “hmmm, this isn’t going away.”  I decided to continue writing. I’m having so much fun. I am getting to learn about a wonderful couple and they about me. I hope that they are getting some pleasure, because I sure am.

What are you doing that is new and different?  Will you continue to do this as the threat of Covid goes away?

The doors to the new world could not have been opened if we were not going through this experience.  We would not be able to open these doors with the “tried and true” methods of the past. Collectively we needed “the shake up to wake up”. (Oh, boy, I like that saying).

I hope that you have learned some ways to pivot and thrive during this 2020. Yes, we are looking for better times and they will come. At the same time the world will be different. How are you making this world a better place?  If you are stuck, think about getting a reboot with therapy or a coach or both. Get unstuck and get moving to a better more fulfilling life. For coaching, work with me. 🙂

In ten years, we’re going to look back and say “wow, what a ride that was”. We will be glad it is over and hopeful excited about all the new opportunities that will arise. The new doors are opening. Be there!



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