Can You Learn Healing Touch On Zoom?

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In my last blog, I talked a bit about my journey learning energy healing and Healing Touch.

Are you curious about energy healing? Are you wanting to learn how to do energy healing? Or are you thinking, “I’m not that intuitive?”  And the other thought “can I learn this stuff on a Zoom webinar?”

I can’t answer the questions about your curiosity or desire to learn energy healing. I am hoping the answer is “yes!”

The other two questions, I can answer.  The intuitive piece we all have. You may not have had the opportunity to think about it and explore it. Here through Healing Touch, you can explore intuition. It is not necessary to have “good” intuition. It is not necessary to have “the Clair’s” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient). Many of us never see, hear or feel and yet our clients experience wonderful healings. The Healing Touch method works. 

Can you learn energy healing on a Zoom webinar? Yes ma’am, you can. We are living in 3 dimensional time and space. For most of us, relationships happen in the here and now, standing in the presence of each other. We all like to see, hear, touch in the present and local time meaning being in the same room. Some folks will say a prayer for someone that will transcend the not being in the same room. We really don’t go beyond prayer, but could we?

The experience of the last year, through the lock downs, society has grown into a new way of being with each other. Many folks have been able to work from home, even if that wasn’t possible before the lock downs. We have webinars and conferences on-line. Families have gone to Facetime and WhatsApp Apps crossing the miles to see each other.

Healing Touch is usually done in a classroom setting.  There is a special energy that happens during the two day class.  Last year was hard. Several of the Healing Touch instructors ventured onto Zoom to hold classes. The results were astounding. Students were having the same experiences in the virtual classroom as they would in a physical classroom.

The question is, “how can I feel a disruption in your energy field in my house while you are in your house across the country?”  The simple answer is that healing and prayers are outside the realm of time and space.

As usual, I have many stories, and some are from distant healing.  I had an elderly cousin who had severe osteoporosis. She would have a lot of back pain. One day I called her just to chat. I was in Pennsylvania and she was in NYC. She was distraught. She was having a lot of back pain and was expecting company the next day. She so wanted to see this family but was very worried that the pain would stop her. She would not be able to tidy her apartment and would not be able to go shopping for food. I talked about Healing Touch and asked her if I could work on her distantly. She said, “why not.”

There are a couple of ways to work with distant clients. One option is to use a surrogate. In this case, I asked my husband to get on the table. One thing to remember is there is no time or space in the realm of energy and there is plenty of energy to go around. That means, I can do a healing with the intent for my cousin and there is plenty of energy for whatever my husband needed as well.

So, I did the healing and sent it off to my cousin. Healing Touch has fabulous back techniques that are taught in HT Level 2.  I called my cousin in a couple of days to see how she was. She was in tears… of joy!  She woke up in the morning with NO back pain. She was able to do her tidying  and shopping. She thoroughly enjoyed her guests and was very grateful.

In the HT Level 1 Zoom class, you will learn how to do distant healing. You will choose one of several methods for the “client” on your table. Many people lay out shirt and pants, so they know where to put their hands. Some will use a stuffed animal or a doll. Either works well. You will be paired with the same person for the weekend.

Have I piqued your interested. I would love to have you in my class.  Email me at for information on the class and pricing options.


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