Do You Have to be a Nurse to Learn Healing Touch?

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The last several blogs, I have been talking about a Healing Touch Level 1 class I am having in June. I have talked about my experience in learning Healing Touch and what it is like doing distant healing.

What will you learn in Healing Touch Level 1?  First, it is a safe and effective energy healing therapy that anyone can do. The Healing Touch Program has been teaching nurses and people from all walks of life to use Healing Touch. Of course, I have a story about “all walks of life” students and practitioners.

For the story, we will step back to my HT Level 5 practitioner class. There were several things going on at that time. One was the class where we worked on our case study together. The other piece was the Healing Touch Certifying body.

Here is a little history. Back in the early 1990’s, the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) was the Healing Touch certifying body. Healing Touch had hit the ground running. We attracted many people. Healing Touch was offered at universities and hospital conference rooms. Many nurses took the classes. That wasn’t a problem for AHNA to certify new practitioners. The thing was, we were also attracting many non-nurses who wanted to learn HT.  People like physical/occupational therapists, massage therapists, nurses’ aides, social workers, some doctors and people from outside of health care. AHNA felt they could not certify non-nurses, and rightly so. It was a big discussion at the time.

Now let’s go back to my HT Level 5 practitioner class. There was a gal there who was a CPA. She was very interested in healing. Frankly, she had the best case study out of all of us present. She didn’t know anything about the nursing process, so she used her “balance sheet” as her frame-work for her use of Healing Touch. It was ingenious. I thought to myself, “there are many worthy people who are great healers outside of healthcare.”  In my mind we have to include them.  That was the ultimate decision. And Healing Touch formed our own certifying body. Healing Touch is endorsed by American Holistic Nurses Association. We have a very good relationship with AHNA.

Now you know that folks from nurses, healthcare and all walks of life are included in the Healing Touch Classes.

What will you be learning? That is a very good question.

Over the course of two days (and an evening) you will learn about the anatomy of the Human Energy Field (Aura), and chakras (energy centers. You will learn how to assess, evaluate the field and chakras. You will learn 12 techniques to relieve pain and calm emotions for yourself and others. You will be able to use these techniques right away. You will also learn how you can maintain balance in your energy system and life. You will start a fabulous journey into energy medicine.

If you are a professional, you will be happy to learn that Healing Touch has a standardized curriculum taught by Certified Instructors. In this live Zoom class, you will experience personal and professional growth using demonstration, practice exchanges, lecture and discussion. There is a 180 page notebook that comes with the purchase of the course. And the best of it, if you study with me, I’ve been teaching for Healing Touch since 1999. You will have a seasoned instructor.

Are you interested? I would love to have you in my upcoming class. I can be reached at




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