What Is It Like Sitting In A Healing Touch Class?

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You have heard of Healing Touch. You are thinking about doing something in energy healing, but, what?

What is it like sitting in a Healing Touch class?  What is this energy stuff and will I be able to feel, see or know anything and on Zoom?

Let’s talk about actually doing an assessment or technique. There you are with your partner in another part of the country. You will learn how to do an assessment. There you will be using your hands to assess the energy field. We start above the head and work down. Working from the place of curiosity, you will notice some things. For example you may notice that as you are moving your hands around the head of your partner, one side feels different than the other side. Hmmm!

What is this difference?  Could be one side hotter/colder than the other. Or there is tingling on one side. Your hand could dip closer to the body on one side and not the other. You do the technique that you are learning. On the reassessment you will notice that the energy field is different. It might have smoothed out or become calm. Your student client will have interesting things to share from the experience. You will be amazed!

Of course, I have a story. I am in my level 3 class. We were given new techniques to practice, and we could add whatever else we had learned in HT before we closed this healing session.  I had completed the new technique. Now I was standing next to my other student thinking to myself “now what do I do?”  As I pondered, the voice said, “but your hands here and here.”  In this case it was on the abdomen. So, I did. I didn’t feel anything. I was in that new student feeling awkward mode. I completed the healing. The first thing my co-student said to me, when she got off the table, was “how did you know where to put your hands? It was perfect because…”

You will have experiences inviting you outside of the third dimension that we live in. I promise.

We are doing this on a live Zoom call. It is not quite like being in the classroom. But you won’t have to travel. You will be able to do this class from the comfort of your home. You won’t have to worry about travel expenses or a hotel. Not everybody has a Healing Touch instructor living near them. I traveled for all my classes but that is in the past. Now we have Zoom!

You will make dear friends. You will have the backing of a standardized curriculum. The workbook is very in-depth and detailed. There are pictures of hand placement to help you in your practice. And for the nurses there is 16 CE’s for your license renewal.

Are you interested? I invite you to study Healing Touch Level 1 with me in June.  If you think that you might want to take more classes in Healing Touch there are discount packages you can purchase. Just ask me at marypat@marypatfitzgibbons.com


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