Stuck is an Invitation for Balance: Physical

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My last blog we looked at “being stuck” and what the energy of “stuck” might look like. I said that the energy of being stuck is a contraction of energy verses flow which is an expansion.

Everything cycles on this planet, in this life experience. Cycles can range from a milli second to 56,000 years (and more). Cycle of a seed flows like this. It is dormmate until the right time and place. In spring, in the earth, the seed opens begins to grow, unseen. Then the sprout peeks up above the soil and grows. In summer there is maximum growth. In fall the plant experiences peak ripeness, is picked and consumed. In winter the field is fallow again, recovering and integrating the left over fruits of the summer.

In my last article, I said that expansion was flow and contraction not so much flow. I would like to separate “flow” from the cycle of expansion and contraction. I would like to suggest that we could “flow” through both expansion and contraction. It will look different. If we accept that there are cycles of expansion, pause, contraction, pause, then we can work with each phase. Lets discuss physical health and balance.

A teacher knows what a two year old child can do verses a six year old child. The teacher will construct a lesson with these skills in mind. That way the teacher can ensure success for the child.

As an adult we are responsible for our life and how we construct and live that life. What does your daily routine, that works, look like for you?  You get up on time without being overly tired. You have enough time to get ready for work. You leave for work at a certain time because you know that will allow you to travel, get to your desk with some time to spare. How do you construct your work-day where you have a choice?  When do you get lunch? Do you shut things down so that you have time to clean your area before you leave? How do you arrange the travel home? What about dinner, evening activities and going to bed?  When this flows well, what does that look like and feel like?  When it is not flowing, what does it look like and feel like?

When you are in a period when things aren’t going well, what are your strategies to get back on track? We need to look at all areas of our life. That includes physical health, mental/emotional health, Family/friends relationships, financial, work, civic and spiritual health.

Let’s look at the physical balance. For physical health and balance, we need to look at sleep, food, exercise. We need to keep our bodies strong. Are you getting six to eight hours of sleep? Are you eating a healthy balance diet (weight where you want it to be and stable)? Are you following a reasonable exercise plan 3-4 days per week? What is your doctor saying to you about your health? Are you addressing any issues that arise from doctor visits?

Now we can talk about good supportive habits and unsupportive habits.

Unsupportive habits might look like drinking or eating too much. Staying up and watching TV later just to numb the mind. It might mean that you bring work home to finish in the evening. It might mean that you skip lunch. In the relationship line, you might be angry all the time or depressed and withdrawn. These types of behaviors serve to repel people and are not good for a relationship (boss, partner, friends). An unsupportive exercise habit could be no exercise or a grueling exercise program.

Supportive habits may include some of these examples. You might take an activity off the list for a while to give yourself more time that you need. If you are tired, you may look at your sleep habits. You might do some research to see what is conducive to better sleep and try and implement some of them. You might decide to go to bed earlier. Or you might turn off the TV earlier and slow down your bedtime routine. Maybe once you are ready for bed, you read a bit or meditate. You realize that it probably will take some time before you see results, so you give it time. You may notice that soon you are waking up more refreshed. Other supportive habits my include cutting back on drinking alcohol or coffee or stopping these beverages. You might try to stop at the gym on the way home. You may want to make up meals on the weekend so that you don’t have to prepare dinner when you get home.

The point is, there are physical things that we experience that affects our life. Sleep, diet (whole foods), exercise are all important. If you are ill, go to a doctor and figure it out.

Work to get your physical existence in balance. You may find that is enough to get you moving and back on track again. You are worth it to feel physically healthy.

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