“Make a Stole”

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I started out this series by saying I was feeling stuck. Can’t write blogs. Not working on e-course, yada yada.  We all have our own version of being stuck, when and why.

There are several ways to move beyond stuck-ness.  We will cover them in other blogs. People don’t often think about the option of diversion. It feels counter intuitive. I have all these activities I must do, on a timetable, but I’m stuck so I’ll do a diversion? Right!

Hear me out.  Pick a diversion.  Stepping away from the desk and computer could be the best medicine if you will.  When we start doing something else, we free up the part of our brain that is in fight, flight, freeze.  Then, the mind can allow the creative juices to begin to flow.

The creative juices don’t just flow in one area. They are available for all parts of our life.  Get that creativity engine started on this side project may open the idea door for the project you are dragging your feet.

I have this list of things I made up for myself for my business. But I am dragging my feet. I don’t have any ideas. So, check the email. Check the email again. Oh, looks like a good video and off we go. Have to change the laundry. It is clean the bathroom day. You get the idea.

In another area of my life there is something brewing. The assistant pastor of a church that I currently attend is getting ordained. Apparently in the Lutheran Church, ordination comes after seminary, and after the person has received a call to a particular congregation. As we know, last year was really messed up. In one area is ordination. What should have happened last year for our new assistant pastor, is happening this year.

I know this ordination is coming and I wonder what would be an appropriate gift? This voice says to me “make a stole”.  A comment on “the voice.”  Once in awhile I have an intuitive voice that offers suggestions. I have been trying to be more attentive to when this intuitive voice talks and follow the suggestions or advice. I do have a lot of stories in that realm. I fondly call the intuition “the voice.”

The voice says to me “make a stole.”  Hmmm, interesting idea. I could do that. Oh wait. I haven’t done any sewing in 30 years. Dismiss that idea.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Back in church. Ordination is coming up and the voice chimes in “make a stole.”

I start mulling the idea. Making a stole should be rather straight forward. I google patterns for stoles. Supposedly, Simplicity has a pattern, but I couldn’t find it. There are ecclesiastical sites about vestments and how to make them. They are very expensive to buy and apparently some churches make their own. Many of these websites talked about the difficulty in making stoles and vestments and that it is only appropriate for the experienced sewer.

My mother taught me to sew. At one time in my life, I made most of my nice clothes. I made all the prom dresses for myself and my sisters. That tagged into bridesmaid’s dresses. During that prior life, I was very versed in the ways of sewing. Not afraid of handling sewing projects. I could be really creative and make things up, I mean design creations. But life changed. It became cheaper to buy clothes. I was busy with family and working and school.  About ten years ago, I bought a quilting machine from a neighbor friend. She was upgrading. I had a thirty-year-old machine that I bought used. I decided to upgrade. I have a half a thought to do quilts in my retirement and I bought her machine.  That said, I am not all that versed on this “new” machine.  Still, I am on the fence with “make a stole.”

The voice again says to me “make a stole”.  Hmmm. Well, I think to myself, I could go look at material. I ask the pastor what her favorite color is. She likes blues, greens, teals.  The church year has different seasons and colors to match. For example, “Ordinary Time” is green, Advent (time before Christmas) is blue, Lent is purple, and Easter is white. Her favorite colors will work.  I go to Joanne Fabrics and find a couple of possible fabrics to use. However, I am still not convinced that I can do this well. I

Back home, stuck trying to write my next blog. And the voice says, “make a stole.”  Ok, back to google looking up patterns. On this particular day I came across Paula Behrens’ site  She has a very nice description of stole making and offer free (yes “free”) patterns for stole making. I called her and had a very nice conversation. She was very encouraging. I took the leap. I downloaded her pattern, printed it out. I had to piece it together with added length for the height. Google provided options for embroidery. I spoke with Jackie at Custom Stiches.  A plan was coming together.

I went back to Joanne Fabrics and picked out material. I pinned and cut out the front, back and lining for the project. I was stalling. One afternoon, I thought “get out the machine. It is four seams, thirty minutes.”  Got the machine out. Had to read the instructions on how to thread the machine and bobbin. Had to get the magnifying glasses to threat the needle. I wish I had my eagle eyes of youth.

Trying afternoon and after three hours, stole is together, seams are ironed flat, and it is ready to go to Custom Stiches. I was feeling pretty good about myself.

One more piece. What symbols do I put on this stole? That is a good question and very personal. I asked my assistant pastor if there were any symbols that spoke to her.  She thought a minute and said, “circles and spirals”.  Circles and spirals are sacred geometry.

Off to Custom Stiches. Jackie and I discuss the symbols to put on the stole. Did she have a pattern for circle and spirals?  She found one that was perfect. Choices made and I left the stole. She was done within a few days. All I had to do was sew it together. It was much easier this time. J

Here’s the point. I was stuck in business. In another area of my life, I picked a project that was a challenge, doable and I did it. Because of this small journey, I met two very nice women who helped me. I deepened the relationship between myself and my assistant pastor. I built my confidence in sewing and that I might really investigate learning how to quilt. And best of all, I got a bunch of ideas for my blogs and way to move my service forward.

When you are stuck, consider a diversion.

I would love to know your story and how this sits with you. Please comment.




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