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Have you ever had the experience of thinking about someone, and they call? Have you ever been told that when you are around, people feel better?  Have you heard of energy healing?  Have you thought you’d like to learn how to heal with your hands?

Here is a snippet of my story.

Back in day, (1973), I was the nurse to talked diet and exercise to all my cardiac patients in the CCU (Coronary Intensive Care Unit). I took a lot of heat from my co-workers and doctors. They thought I was “nuts” and that there was no relationship between diet, exercise, health and illness.

I adore working with people who have heart issues. Through the desire to learn more, I was able to attend a Critical Care Convention in Hawaii. It was all on heart medicine. And I had a place to stay. There was a match in heaven.

The conference was great. It propelled me to a nice career as an ICU nurse. During the conference, they offered breakout sessions. You see, Hawaii is so far west, it is east. There is a whole segment of healing modalities from the east and the Native Hawaiian’s that is practiced. There I heard about energy healing among others.

After the conference, I’m back home in Upstate New York. I joined the board of the local Holistic Center. I went to a lecture that our nurse gave. I was excited to what she would be saying. She started talking about “chakras”.  There was gal sitting next to me and simultaneously we turned to each other and in unison said, “what is a chakra?”

Shortly after that, I received a mailing from the Nurse Healer’s group at NYU School of Nursing. They had a one day seminar on Therapeutic Touch. I went. It was a great day!

Life moves on, I got married and had two boys. I gave my boys baby massage and Therapeutic Touch every night for the first year of their life. Again, time moves on. I’m reading all kinds of books on energy. Then one day, I was at the Onondaga County Library and the book “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan fell into my hands. I used to hear “this fell into my hands” and would roll my eyes. “Yeah, right”.  But it is indeed true.

I read the book that summer and the summer we moved to Harrisburg PA area. I knew that I wanted to go to her school. But it wasn’t the right time.

Low and behold, I received a flyer from Healing Touch. They were offering a Level 1 and 2 class at Duke University School of Nursing. It was a weeklong program and giving nursing continuing education credits. I went! It was a hard week and one of the best weeks of my life. I learned more about the energy field (aura) and the chakras. I learned how to assess the field, do treatment and notice the difference on the reassessment. My friends were feeling the difference. It was overwhelming to have the two classes together. However, I had done enough study that these classes put a chunk of my puzzle together.

When I returned to Pennsylvania, back in ICU, I offered HT to all my patients. I would say “Ms. Patient, I went to this seminar… may I work on you…”  I have many, many stories of success.

One story…  I was working an evening shift. A patient came to the unit midnight before with a heart attack. Lab had drawn blood and her arm became very swollen, like twice the normal size. (The only swollen arm after a lab draw, I ever saw in my entire career).  When I arrived, she had a cold, heat wrap on her arm. I took that off and said… “Ms. Patient, I went to this seminar, may I work on your arm?”  She said “yes”.  I did Healing Touch three times that shift. She declined any hot packs. At the end of my shift, her arm was almost back to normal. And there are more stories.

Fast forward, I did complete the Healing Touch Program and was certified as a practitioner and instructor. I did graduate from the Barbara Brennan School. I have been working in energy healing since that first technique I learned at the critical care convention in Hawaii.

Did you know that Healing Touch Program offers nursing CE’s? Yep! Also, if you are not a nurse, you can still go through the program and become certified.

Are you interested?  Email me at marypat@marypatfitzgibbons.com and I will send you the flyer for my upcoming Healing Touch Level 1 Class.

I am offering a 1 hour Intro to Healing Touch  Zoom Sept 2, 2021 12 noon EDT .  I would love to have you in my class.  Just click here. Check it out and it is recorded

Read more in my next blog.


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