Room for Genius

Well we need some preparation and retrospect. Maybe all our rout routines could be cut back to make room for genius. Oh and once you get the idea, there is follow through.

Prepare or Beware

The old scouting slogan "Be Prepared" is so true in life. Think about when you were prepared. Think about a time when you weren't prepared. Which would you prefer? Pay attention to something that needs preparation for this week and go for it. Be blessed.

Reframe For Things We Don’t Like

We all have things that we don't like. If we stress about it, we will just get sick. Who wants that. Here's the challenge. If you don't like something, be the person who changes it. If you can't, can you think of it in a different way? The "Reframe".

Have Perseverance and Confidence!

We need two things for suggest, perseverance and confidence. Everything takes time with many mistakes and opportunity to redo. We learn from each trial. The people who success try and try until they get it! Here is to "Getting It!"

You are invited to the Feel Good Life Challenge

My friends, do you know Isabelle Tierney?  She’s a friend/mentor of mine that has made a big impact in my life.  We were students in the same class at Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I have been watching her for many years. I admire how she had grown in wisdom and...

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