Life Coach

I work with women who work in service of others, including but not limited to: Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Teachers, Dental Hygienists, Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Supervisors, Mid-level Managers and others.

Women who work in service of others tended to acquiesce their needs and dreams to others which serves no one. This leads to stress, overwhelm, burnout and “why bother”. The truth is, the world needs your LIGHT. You are a beautiful, smart, intelligent, creative, resourceful, talented, and a worthy woman. It is time to live your life and offer your service from this realm where all can succeed.

I craft my work to assist you in learning how to relieve the effects of stress, unleash creative juices and building motivation to build the life/work you want. Coaching is a collaborative relationship where together we create a safe and respectful place for you to hang your hat and explore areas of your choosing. These areas can be work, life, self-development, or spiritual development.

The goal of coaching is to broaden thinking, identify strengths and areas that need development, set and achieve challenging goals to create the experience you want. Together we will build a relationship of honesty, respect, trust, openness to ask and answer the hard questions and explore the places where you are stuck. When needed we will add the spice of holistic options and techniques, freeing you and allowing motivated action to your desired goals and success.

Your commitment is to show up, be honest, be willing to do the work, setting goals and completing tasks you choose on your path.

My commitment to you is respecting and honoring you and your journey. I do that by trusting that you are the wise one and really know your path. I accomplish this by deep listening, asking the questions that challenge thinking and assumption that may be holding you back. I will support and encourage you as you progress on your journey.

Our conversations may take place in person, on phone or platform like Zoom are confidential.

Coaching is not a once and done experience. Coaching is a process of needs, purpose, goalsetting and completing activities. Inevitably, there are snags and hang-ups that can derail us. This is why coaching is so valuable. For this reason, I offer coaching packages.

I offer a free 20-minute Coaching Consultation to see if this is a fit.

The Foundation Package with three one-hour sessions per month (total of 6/two month) at $475 (works out to be ($79/session).

The Growth Package is three one-hour sessions per month at $250 ($83.33/session) there-after. You may substitute an Energy Healing session for a prepaid coaching session.

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