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People come to coaching for a variety of reasons. They want a different job. Life isn’t working. Those are big broad areas. Where do we start. Changing a job isn’t necessarily the best answer. If you don’t resolve underlying questions/issues, you will get the same job again in a different place. Same with relationships. If we don’t address underlying issues, misconceptions, we may find that we leave the relationship and create the same relationship again.

On some level we need a way to grow our minds in a healthy method so that all our decisions can be life affirming. Most of us grow up in a world where we are not taught to think. Instead, we receive information and react. To boot, our brain has a negativity bias. This was an evolutionary development for survival. We are in a different world now. Looking for all the negatives to keep us safe, is not conducive for creating a positive uplifting life.

I have found a way to change thinking. I am a Facilitator in Isabelle Tierney’s the Feel Good Life Methodology. My friend, Isabelle Tierney LMFT developed a method help her clients to move from red zone reactions into green zone thinking and living. She found that they are creating beautiful, loved filled lives. Once, we learn a new way to think, we have choice. Choices open up new vistas for creating the life you want.

The segway to work with me is starting with a foundation program to learn The Feel Good Life Method.  This is a 5 session program to learn FGL method and begin to implement it into one area of your life. From here you would move into a growth program, deepening the method in every aspect of your life that you are ready to address. The method is easy. The hard part is using it every day, in every way. To assist you in maintaining and growing your successful practice, I have a 6 month and 3 month coaching offerings.

The basic program starts with 5 sessions for $885. 

I was having a difficult time making a career/educational decision.  Mary Pat and I met for a few coaching sessions.  She used a few unique methods that helped me to reach my decision. We met for another session where Mary Pat helped me to focus on dietary issues that helped me control my eating and lose weight. Mary Pat comes to coaching with a strong nursing background which I believe helps her to be the professional coach she is.  I recommend anyone with even the smallest concern to consider a coaching session with Mary Pat.   

Vickie K.

Mary Pat is a wonderful life coach who brings extensive knowledge of personal health, spirituality, and wellbeing practices for clients looking to make sustainable and profound changes in their lives. As her coaching client for over two years, I was able to productively navigate major transformations in my life. As a coach, she supported me in expanding my awareneess about my energy and values, so that I could align my life path with my life’s vision and mission. I recommend Mary Pat to anyone seeking a greater level of clarity through important life transitions and transformations, and anyone looking to enhance their life vision and holistic personal welbeing.

Dasan Lanna

Thank you for letting me be a recipient of your coaching skills. The experience left a positive impact and moved my writing process forward. Hugs across the miles.


5 Session Basic Package $885.00

Includes 5 sessions (55 minutes each) 

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6 Month Individual Coaching Package $1440.00

Includes 2 sessions (55 minutes each) per month

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6 Month Group Coaching Package $780.00

Includes 2 group sessions (55 minutes each) per month

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