You're juggling home, family, volunteer, personal and professional life. But it's not without stress. It's not always happy, healthy and productive. Sometimes the entanglements of life catch up with you.

In this book, I invite you to build resilience. "Resilience is the capacity to recovery quickly from adverse conditions."

Within the pages of this book, you'll find tools and strategies that will help you build that capacity and learn to create a life with more balance and fulfillment and less stress.


Many healers and shamans create a sacred healing space by “calling in the directions”. There are many ways to do this. Basically, one calls out to and requests support from the four cardinal points on the compass North East South West and three additional points: above, below and within. Practitioners call in the elements, animals, plants, angels with each of these seven points. Many different ways to call the circle. The idea is to create a sacred space for healing work.

The Inner Circle is about creating that outer circle within you. It is a very strong holding of your sacred space and the divine essence that is you. This practice will support you on your healing, spiritual journey to live your life’s purpose.

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Occupy Your Space is a meditation to help folks who do not have good boundaries. Here you learn to support the 3rd Chakra, create and occupy a defined aura/energy field around your body. Once you have created this defined space and work within it, it is easier to be you and not lose yourself in other people’s demands and dramas.  This was adapted from Kristi Joy Healing Through the Vagus Nerve.

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